The energy sector is responsible for a significant percentage of many emerging countries` gross domestic product (GDP). EMIS licenses content from the world’s foremost authorities on energy. Our content partners include Marketscope, Infomine Research Group Ltd., and GDS Reports Ltd. providing detailed sector reports and energy market analysis.

As well as sector reports, EMIS offers information on the largest and most significant companies in the energy sector. Companies such as Gazprom PAO based in Russia and Korea Electric Power Corporation based in South Korea are responsible for generating millions of dollars worth of revenue each year. Our company database also holds important information on thousands of other energy companies across the emerging world as well as M&A deal information,

Indonesia and Thailand are the two largest producers of energy among ASEAN countries. These countries alone demonstrate the impact that two large, dominant companies can have in a single sector in an emerging country. EMIS’ reports extensively cover the social and economic impact of the sector in the emerging markets.

Latest News

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  • KEG shares delisted from BSE Hungary AM daily news | 2018-Dec-11
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Here are some of the top information providers for Energy that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • Mordor Intelligence LLP
    Mordor Intelligence LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    Allied Analytics LLP
    LCA Consulting
    LCA Consulting
    INFOLine IA
    INFOLine IA
  • MarketLine
    Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    Acquisdata Pty Ltd
    Acquisdata Pty Ltd
  • Business News Americas
    Business News Americas


EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 380,000+ research reports every year.
  • Energy Report Germany 2nd Quarter 2020 18 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Germany - Energy report: Risk and return 3 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Germany - Energy report: Renewable energy 3 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
  • Germany - Energy report: Nuclear 2 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Germany - Energy report: Electricity 2 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
    Germany - Energy report: Energy policy 2 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
  • Germany - Energy report: Overview 2 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EIU - Industry Reports
    PV Update Visible demand rebound profit uptrend 3 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | Kaili EN Inds. Reports
    U.S. Public Finance Prepaid Energy Transaction Rating Criteria 10 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | FITCH - Criteria Reports
  • EMIS Insights - India Electric Power Sector Report 2020-2024 73 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | EMIS Insights - Reports
    SB Energy Holdings Limited 9 pages | 2020-Jul-14 | FITCH Ratings - Presale Report
    SEE Power Market Review - 10 July 2020 19 pages | 2020-Jul-10 | Power Market Review


EMIS publishes 54,000+ news stories every day.
  • Prime ministers of Belarus, Russia sign documents in sphere of energy 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | BELTA - News Line
    Water resource authority unveils seven top-priority projects in EEC 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | The Nation
    THE AKK GAS PIPELINE PROJECT 2 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | This Day
  • Demand falters amidst coronavirus, industry seeks timeline extension for commercial coal auctions 2 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Financial Exp
    Ibitu Energia betting on demand for sustainable energy projects 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Valor Economico International
    How India lost a gas pipeline to China 3 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | The Kathmandu Post
  • Oil and gas sectors to see 118-billion investments- Pradhan 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Petroleum Bazaar - PetroMag
    Angola Presents New Exploration Strategy 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Petroleum Bazaar - PetroMag
    Rosmah asked for RM187.5 million 2 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | New Straits Times
  • Tesco, NESS ink solar power agreement 1 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Business Times
    Commercial coal auctions: Industry seeks timeline extension amid tepid demand 2 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Financial Exp
    Party-list to challenge proposed full foreign ownership of RE projects 2 pages | 2020-Jul-15 | Business World

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